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Membership in the FLGPA Tour:

Membership in the FLGPA Tour is optional and availabe to all male and female golfers 18+ years of age preceding the date of each scheduled event. There is an Annual Membership Fee for golfers that meet all the qualifying requirements to join the Tour. If accepted, Annual Membership dues are non-refundable.

Click Here to download Membership Application Form

Requirements for Membership:
• Each member must be 18 years of age or older on or before each scheduled event
• Members must participate in at least (4) Tour events throughout the calendar year
• Professional Members must have a W-9 on file with the Tour
• Each Scratch/Amateur member must have an verifiable USGA approved Handicap Index
• Service providing Handicap Index must have a Peer Review capability
• Handicap Index must have atleast (8) active scores within the calendar year
• If an applicant does not have a USGA Handicap Index, the Tour will provide a USGA/GHIN Tournament Handicap

Member Benefits:
• Opportunity to particiapte in Professionally Organized Tour Events on the best public, semi-private & private golf courses
• Opportunity to participate in the Annual FLGPA Tour Championship
• Win Cash Prizes and MasterCard Gift Cards
• Enjoy the competition and comraderie of fellow golfers
• USGA/GHIN Tour Handicap Index for all Amateur Golfers
• Professional Members will receive a check for all prize money earned
• Tour Member Player Pack
• Special Sponsor Offers and Product Discounts
• Discounted Practice Round Vouchers for most events